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Which former Nobel Prize winner, American and Trump critic, was honorary doctorate at BI and held lectures in Finn Øien in 2018?

UN's sustainable development goals

The new PRME report gives insight into BI’s diverse sustainability activities. PRME stands for:
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Prime minister

Which former British Prime Minister died in 2013?

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Previous questions and answers

17. December

Question #.1
What two initiatives started in 2018 at the Master of Science?
Right answer: Dean’s List og Master Merit Society

Question #.2
The UN's sustainability goal number 17 is about cooperation to achieve the goals. The common global direction the goals represent reflects three dimensions:
Right answer: Climate and environment, economy and social conditions

Question #.3
Which is further: 30 km or 19 miles?
Right answer: 19 miles

16 december

Question #.1
In 2018, BI received its first privacy representative to quality assure and further develop the processing of personal data. The name of this person is:
Right answer: Vibeke Nesbakken

Question #.2
The UN's sustainability goal number 16 is peace and justice. The UN considers this as
Right answer: A prerequisite for creating sustainable development

Question #.3
What is the name of the Earth's largest ocean?
Right answer: The Pacific Ocean

15 december

Question #.1
Professor Øyvind Bøhren received BI's award for societal impact and research communication in 2018. Among other things, he received this in order to:
Right answer: Make us wiser in corporate governance

Question #.2
UN Sustainability Goal number 15 is about life on land. Challenges related to sustainable development include:
Right answer: Deforestation and desertification

Question #.3
What is the currency of Poland?
Right answer: Zloty

14 december

Question #.1
Five leading international business schools launched a new alliance in November together with BI to:
Right answer: Meet the demand for new and flexible learning.

Question #.2
The UN's sustainability target number 14 is about life under water. Sea is important, especially because:
Right answer: The oceans - their temperature, chemistry, currents and lives - run the global systems that make it possible for people to live on Earth.

Question #.3
What is the name of the mountain, located in Turkey, that is widely accepted in Christianity as being the legendary landing place of Noah's ark?
Right answer: Mount Ararat

13 december

Question #.1
In November, BI decided to publish all scientific journal articles:
Right answer: Will be made available for all from 2019

Question #.2
The UN's sustainability target number 13 is to stop climate change. To achieve this we must?
Right answer: Act immediately to fight climate change and the consequences of them

Question #.3
In the popular sketch "dinner for one" who appears on television every year, there are four guests present (which are not really present at all). Which of the following is not a guest?
Right answer: Sir Tony

12 december

Question #.1
BI's knowledge festival took place on the following campus:
Right answer: All campuses

Question #.2
UN Sustainability Goal No. 12 is responsible consumption and production. This contains:
Right answer: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Question #.3
Which of the following dog breeds is Malta's national dog and is able to blush
Right answer: Pharoh Hound

11 december

Question #.1
BI began a partnership with Jimma University in Ethiopia and Mzumbe University in Tanzania in 2018. The project, which among other things will contribute to sustainability goals, is called?
Right answer: SUSTAIN

Question #.2
The UN's Sustainable Objective No. 11 is sustainable cities and communities. The cities account for 75 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. The situation today is that:
Right answer: More than half of the world's population lives in cities today

Question #.3
How many years of marriage is celebrated by a Pearl Wedding Anniversary?
Right answer: 30

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